Due to the Lack of Certification Mechanisms, Imported Organic Products May Disappear from the Russian Market

Russian suppliers of imported organic products are afraid of withdrawal from sale of goods that have not passed certification under the law “On Organic Products”, which will enter into force on January 1, 2020.

According to Kommersant, referring to a letter from Rusbrand’s Executive Director Alexei Popovichev, it is impossible to obtain Russian organic certificates due to the unavailability of the mechanisms, and imported products will have to be withdrawn from sale to change packaging, which threatens suppliers and retailers with big losses.

“In fact, imported organic products will not disappear from sale in Russia, because the word“ organic ”,“ bio ”,“ eco ”is on their label. These products will no longer be positioned on the shelf as organic. She does not disappear from the shelf. The law on organic matter itself is aimed at developing the domestic market, ”explains Oleg Mironenko, executive director of the National Organic Union.

The problem occurs when translating information on the packaging. Since all inscriptions in a foreign language must be translated into Russian, and the indication of the words “organic” and all its derivatives, according to the new law, must be supported by relevant Russian certificates, a problem arose for suppliers.

“The marking section influences the turnover of imported products. From the point of view of translation, it is not clear how to indicate the word organic in these conditions. Therefore, when translating, you will have to either omit the word “organic” or write “bio” or “eco”. There is a proposal that we are currently actively discussing: before installing all the mechanisms for imported products in the translation system, allow the word “organic” with international certificates, ”added the FNL Executive Director.

For the adaptation 2-3 years, manufacturers and suppliers of organic products must come to a decision in three scenarios. In particular, this includes access to mutual recognition of certificates with European countries and the establishment of conditions for circulation of imported products on the Russian market, the creation of a Russian certification system and the production of organic products at factories built in the Russian Federation, but using imported raw materials.