For the first time since 2017, RosStat recorded a monthly deflation in Russia

In August 2019, consumer prices in Russia decreased by 0.2% compared to July, according to RosStat. The last time a monthly deflation was recorded in August and September 2017.

In August, food prices fell by 0.9%, while non-food products and services rose by 0.2%.

In August, the seasonal reduction in prices for fruits and vegetables influenced the food prices. Tomato prices fell by 24.9%, potatoes – by 22.4%, carrots – by 22.2%, onions – by 20.7%, beets – by 16.7%, grapes – by 16% , cucumbers – by 12.1%. Meanwhile, oranges prices increased by 2.8% and garlic – by 1.8%.

Year-to-August, inflation is 2.42% and year over year inflation rate is 4.33%