Geography Narrowed and Export Volumes Decreased for Moldovan Grapes in 2020

According to data from the National Agency for Food Safety (ANSA), as of mid-December this year, slightly more than 48,000 mt of table grapes were exported from Moldova to 22 countries. Due to the reduction in prices for the main export grape variety Moldova, this indicator will not change significantly by the end of 2020. In 2019, local exporters sent almost 79,000 mt of grapes to 29 countries.

Comparing this year to last year’s figures, the export volumes of Moldovan grapes have decreased in virtually all countries. There was a significant reduction in supplies to Belarus (from 5,400 mt to 1,790 mt ), Iraq (from 2,110 mt to 286 mt ), Romania (from 18,650 mt to 10,720 mt ), and Ukraine (from 7,900 mt to 4,200 mt ). The volume of exports increased only to Poland from 1,580 mt to 1,700 mt.

Members of the Moldovan Table Grape Producers Association note there are still a lot of products in the refrigerated warehouses of vineyards in the thousands of tons. These are mostly the highest quality grapes that they intended to sell in December at a high price. However, from the middle of this month, the price of even high-quality grapes has not significantly increased. Taking this into account, the association’s experts forecast for price dynamics in the first half of January 2021 is not optimistic.