Kaufland creates Moldovan food brand

The international supermarket chain Kaufland has launched an ambitious project called “Vreau din Moldova” which translates to “I want Moldovan” in English and it is focused on supporting local producers in Moldova. This new product line will include Moldovan goods, which in the future may become especially popular with consumers.

The new brand will include both processed products and fresh goods such as dried fruits and nuts. For the latter, these products will come from southern Moldova, in particular the Gagauz region. It is there that the largest almond plantations are concentrated (approximately 1,000 ha), which is 70% of the total area of ​​almond plantations in the entire country. Additionally, the southern region produces walnuts and fruits such as plums as well as viticulture. Cooperation between farmers in the south tends to be more receptive compared to the central and northern regions of the country.

Moldovan almonds are currently exported to countries such as Romania, Iraq, and Azerbaijan. However, in the domestic market, Kaufland will be the first supermarket chain in which Moldovan almonds and products will be presented in a wide range and in large quantities.

Back in September, Kaufland-Moldova supermarkets started tasting and testing products in focus groups with consumers. The first contracts with Moldovan suppliers of nuts and dried fruits will be signed in February 2021, but only after the goods have passed quality certification (e.g., IFS, FSSC 22000) in Germany.

In 2020, the share of local products in Kaufland increased by 500 items totaling 3,700. Currently, the supermarket chain works with more than 100 Moldovan producers, one-third of which supply fresh vegetables and fruits. In the future, the bulk of these products will go through consolidators such as trading companies and agricultural cooperatives.