Peaches were Turkey’s most exported fresh produce to Russia

According to the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Association’s (DKIB) figures, in the first 9 months of the year, Turkey exported 505,547 MT of fresh fruits and vegetables to Russia, worth $412.6 mln. Peaches ranked first with an export volume of 73,455 MT and with an export value of $75.8 mln. Peaches were followed by tomatoes and grapes.

Last year, in the same period, Turkey exported 72,897 MT of peaches for $66.8 mln. Thus, peach exports to Russia increased by 1% in terms of volume and by %13 in terms of value.

The Black Sea Region was responsible of 101,883 MT of the overall fresh fruits and vegetables exports to Russia. The region earned $83.9 mln from these exports. Peaches also ranked first in Black Sea Region’s exports to Russia. 14,541 MT of peaches were exported from the area in exchange of $14.9 mln.