Russians Reduced Consumption of Potatoes, Dairy Products, Sweets and Bread

According to the Rosstat report, in 1980, Russians consumed 117 kg of potatoes per person per year, and in 2018 – only 59 kg. The consumption of milk and dairy products also dropped – from 390 kg to 266 kg, the consumption of sugar and sweets decreased from 35 to 31 kg and the consumption of bread products – from 112 kg to 96 kg.

At the same time, Russians began to eat more vegetables: the consumption increased from 92 kg per person per year to 104 kg, the consumption of fruits and berries increased from 35 kg to 74 kg.

Besides, Russians began to eat more meat and meat products – from 70 kg to 89 kg per year per person, the consumption of fish products also grew from 17 kg to 22 kg.