Sharp Increase of Turkish Fruit and Veg Exports to Russia

According to the Association of Exporters of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables (UYMSIB), the export of fresh fruits and vegetables from Turkey grew by 25% between January and April this year, compared to the same period in 2017, and reached a value of $794 million (compared to $635 million a year earlier). According to an article published by Anadolu Agency, solving the problems with Russia played an important role in this rise of Turkish fruit and vegetable exports.

Other factors contributing to growth were the greater trust in Turkish products in European markets, as well as access to new markets.

During this period, a total of 1,557 million MT of fruits and vegetables were exported, which is 17% more than the previous figures, the association said.

During the same period, exports to Russia grew by 125%, from $90 million to $202 million, and the volume increased by 91%, reaching about 315,000 MT.

According to UYMSIB, Russian exports accounted for 70% of Turkey’s export volume, with a value of $112 million out of $159 million.