“I have had the pleasure of working with Ksenia Gorovaya and Crisp Consulting while at several different FAS Posts – Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. Together we have implemented promotional activities for a number of different commodities. Ms. Gorovaya and her team are extremely collaborative – open and interested in exploring new promotional activities and they come with a wealth of experience and expertise that helps maximize the impact of every initiative undertaken. Crisp Consulting are excellent ambassadors for U.S. products and know how to highlight the products and the industry to the best advantage. Moreover, because of their years of experience working with U.S. government and U.S. commodity groups, they are experts in navigating the requirements of both. I look forward to continuing to work with Ms. Gorovaya and Crisp Consulting on future projects”.

– Robin Gray, Foreign Agricultural Service, Embassy of the United States of America, Ukraine


“Ksenia Gorovaya served as an expert on the Russian horticulture markets for our World Bank project. She proved herself to be an exceptionally knowledgeable and dedicated specialist. The background report she prepared for us was the best among the six reports we commissioned for the study, and has been receiving accolades from the colleagues and clients. It has been a pleasure working with her from day one due to her professionalism, diligence, timeliness and quality of work”.

– Kateryna Schroeder, Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank Group Agriculture, The United Nations


“Crisp consulting exceeded the expectations and in many cases went above and beyond for their work on our events in Moscow and St. Petersburg this past August.  The Brewers Association was looking to conduct promotional activities benefitting American craft beer in Russia for the first time.  Partnering with Crisp Consulting we were able to connect with leadership at the Swissam hospitality school in St. Petersburg, with Craft Depot (a leading Moscow-based craft beer association), and with restaurants and sommelier schools in both cities.  Together we assembled a series of American craft beer seminars, beer and food demonstrations, and beer tastings for Russian trade, consumers, and media.  The events were a big success and we look forward to returning in 2019 for more of the same. Our success this year would not have been possible without Crisp’s attention to detail, connections, and appreciation for the BA’s objectives and expectations”.

– Steve Parr, Export Development Program Manager, Brewers Association., USA


“The Pear Bureau Northwest in the marketing organization for the fresh pears grown in the states of Oregon and Washington. The Pear Bureau has been working with CrispConsulting for 6 years in Western Russia. Ksenia Gorovaya and her team have been instrumental in developing the Western Russia market for USA Pears. Much of their responsibility involves frequent trade contact with fresh fruit importers and retailers, reporting, implementing the marketing activities at retail and any other consumer communication outreach activities. CrispConsulting will bring good ideas, strong administration and effective implementation of any marketing activities”.

– Jeff Correa, Pear Bureau Northwest, USA


“As a contracted representative for the Washington Apple Commission, Ksenia was responsible for working with importers, wholesalers and retailers to promote the import and sales of Washington apples in the Western Russia region. She developed and implemented promotional programs directed at increasing awareness of the Washington apple brand among consumers, such as sampling activities, point of sales materials and giveaways to increase sales. We always appreciated Ksenia’a take-charge attitude and initiative. Her market insight will be missed and we offer this letter of recommendation on her service unreservedly”.

– Rebecca Lyons, International Marketing Director, Washington Apple Commission


“The Crisp Consulting team is very accustomed to setting up promotional and educational programs that support U.S. food and beverage products in Russia. They know how to work with American clients, understand the product, and are highly effective at working with the Russian trade, as well as with Russian consumers. They are smart, hardworking, provide good value, and are fun to work with”.

– Michael Schadler, Former Director of International Marketing, Hop Growers of America, USA


“Bryant Christie Inc. (BCI) recently worked with Crisp Consulting on a Russian market research study. Crisp exceeded expectations. Without prior experience specifically with the beverage product of focus, Crisp staff conducted preliminary research to ensure an understanding of the product and key players in the market. Crisp then connected with industry leaders to ensure their research was informed by all perspectives from importers to media and trade contacts in the retail and HORECA channels. Crips also hosted BCI staff for one week of meetings and executed all planning and logistics perfectly”.

– Eric Rosenberg, Corporate Vice President, Bryant Christie Inc., USA


“Ksenia Gorovaya worked as the California Table Grape Commission’s representative from 2005. CrispConsulting created promotional programs to introduce California grapes to the Russian market. At all times, Ksenia and the team at CrispConsulting have provided an excellent and professional service. They have brought trade missions of fresh fruit buyers to the U.S. and implemented promotional programs with retailers in Russia. The programs implemented were designed to motivate the handling of California grapes by importers, to create demand from retailers. Crisp Consulting created promotions that provided retail chains and smaller retail outlets with eye-catching displays to motivate consumer purchase. From zero exports in 2005, California grape exports reached 1,121 metric tons in the 2013-14 California grape season. We would have no hesitation in recommending CrispConsulting to anyone considering hiring them”.

– Susan Day, California Table Grape Commission, USA


“The Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) worked with Crisp Consulting from 2013-2015 on a generic marketing program in the Russian market.  The U.S. cranberry industry was extremely pleased with Ksenia and her team’s work and saw tangible results in terms of overall export growth and trade awareness levels during this period. The Crisp team’s high attention to detail, industry connections, and exemplary customer service made us confident that CMC’s program was expertly handled during the implementation of Russian sanctions on certain U.S. agricultural products. CMC would be open to collaborating with Crisp Consulting again should market conditions improve in the future”.

– Michelle Hogan, Cranberry Marketing Committee Executive Director.


“Ksenia is a dynamic and forward-thinking marketing professional who combines the very best of analytical abilities with flawless event management. When she worked for me in St. Petersburg, her work output as a solo performer equaled that of other USDA field offices staffed with up to seven employees. She rose to every challenge for me.”

– Allan Mustard, US Department of Agriculture, USA


“I have worked with CrispConsulting for over a year on numerous promotional activities to help expand the presence of U.S. food, beverages and agricultural products in Russia.  The Crisp Consulting team is very professional and creative in developing marketing strategies and promotions on behalf of the U.S. agricultural groups that they represent.  If you are looking for representation in the complex yet highly attractive Russian market, I strongly recommend that you consider Crisp Consulting to serve as your partner”.

– Erik W. Hansen, Agricultural Trade Office, Embassy of the United States of America, Russia


“We at Zespri International Europe have and still are very much appreciating our collaboration since a couple of years for several promoting activities at Russian retail. I very much appreciate and value the professionalism of CrispConsulting and the personal commitment of its team members. As such we hope of course to be able to continue at this level of collaboration in the coming years and further develop our business together”.

– Christoph De Loor, Zespri International Europe, Belgium


“Ksenia Gorovaya helped us to organise a fresh fruit and vegetable business conference in St Petersburg in June 2010. Mrs Gorovaya provided excellent support, advice, and consultation to our business before, during and after the conference event, helping us to identify key companies and individuals in the Russian fresh fruit and vegetable business to whom we were introduced and able to do business. Ksenia Gorovaya is a very capable and professional person with a very extensive understanding of the international fresh fruit and vegetable business, and I recommend her without reservation”.

– Chris White Market Intelligence Limited, United Kingdom


“Crisp Consulting has represented Fruchthandel Magazine, Germany’s leading print and online news and information service, for many years in Russia. It has been an extremely reliable and well-informed partner with extensive contacts on local and international markets”.

– Robert Broadfoot, Fruchthandel magazine, Germany